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Job Description
Our History
Xiamen Top Valve Tech. Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological enterprise,integrating professional research and development, production and sales of various kinds of valves. Precise and advanced production equipment, adhering to all marketing concepts for customer satisfaction, will continue to apply new technologies, innovative processes, actively develop new products, reduce costs, and improve quality.
20 Years+
Rich Experience3 Centers+
Technology Support Center100+
Installed Projects2 Billions RMB+
Turnover Per Year
Early development period: From 1988 to 1998, the Dingfa first plumbing plant was established.
High speed development period: From 1999 to 2017, the Dingfa first plumbing plant changed name to Dingfa valves Co., Ltd. During this period, our company's new products, fixed assets, sales and profits increased significantly, and total annual assets increased by more than 30% month-on-month.
In 2018, in order to create foreign market,Xiamen Top Valve Tech. Co., Ltd. was established. Foreign trading was started in the same year.
Our Factory
Since its establishment, Top Valve has maintained a good momentum of development. From a company solely engaged in valve development, it has developed into an industrial company with prominent main business and complete industrial chain. The main business scope includes: design, research and development; production and manufacture of stainless steel, ultra-low carbon stainless steel, duplex steel, pure titanium and titanium alloy, Hastelloy, pure nickel and nickel alloy, pure zirconium and zirconium alloy, Monel alloy, High and medium pressure valves and ductile iron medium and low pressure valves made of nickel alloy, pure copper/copper alloy and nickel aluminum bronze, No. 20 alloy, 904L, tantalum alloy, carbon steel, and other alloy materials; product sales, installation, maintenance and repair. The products are produced in accordance with GB, HG, JB, API, ANSI, DIN and JIS standards.
Our Product
Products Ranges: ball valves, butterfly valves, gate valves, globe valves, check valves, flame arresters, breathing valves, solenoid valves, regulating valves, plug valves, filters, sight glasses, safety valves, water control valves, needle valves, traps , Discharge valve, pressure reducing valve, plunger valve, exhaust valve, diaphragm valve, vacuum valve, high temperature valve, low temperature valve, electric valve, pneumatic valve and other high and medium pressure valves.
Product Application
Top valves are widely used in petroleum, chemical, natural gas, aerospace, scientific research, electric power, machinery, metallurgy, papermaking, textiles, mining, construction engineering, water conservancy and desalination, refrigeration, environmental protection and food industries.XIAMEN TOP VALVE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD
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Plastic barrel capping machine
Main Features
This machine is an semi automatic track type capping machine. It adopts soft protection method and has a large adjustment range. High degree of automation, automatic hanging cover, cover, gland, synchronous chain plate gland, no trace after gland, suitable for all kinds of heterosexual bottles, bottle type unlimited, large adjustment range, suitable for bottles of different heights.
Main Uses
This machine is used for plastic caps capping.
Main Technical Parameters
1. Output: 4500-6000 bottles/hour
2. Applicable Bottle Height: 100-320mm
3. Machine Power: 0.37kW
Main Structure and Work Principle
This machine mainly includes of frame, capping part, transmission part, up and down adjustment part.
Work Principle: press bottle caps via its own weight. The pressing chain is pitched, bottles slowly go into capping machine when they moves forward on the conveyor line. Because chain is pitched, chain has a pressing force to the bottle caps when bottles slowly go into capping machine,the max pressing force is weight of capping head, to press bottles down via gravity of capping head.
Technical parameter
ModelOutput(b/h)Applicable bottle type bottle diameter
(mm)Bottle mouth diameter(mm)Height
HGY-460000.75900*1100*1720Customized Capping Machine

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